Blue Giraffe

About Us

Hello! Thanks for looking us up; we're glad you're here.

A bit about us.

Blue Giraffe is a small software company that builds web and mobile applications. We're focused on helping the manufacturing industry reduce costs and improve efficiency.

We've build a product called MortarQ that takes all our ideas and tools and wraps them up in a single product that we can customize for individual use cases. Like many projects MortarQ is a work in progress and we're continually adding more tools to our toolbox. You can learn more about MortarQ at

When we aren't working on the manufacturing side, we also offer custom software services for businesses who need some sort of tool or software customization. We've done things like operations dashboards, customer communication and in-field data collection.

If we seem like someone who might be able to help, we'd love to hear from you.