Why aren't you using software to automate every-day tasks?

Emailing, copy/pasting or white-boarding creates unnecessary work, leads to lost orders and throws out the metrics you need to have a great business.

Doing the same math over and over for quotes?

That is a waste of time! Why not use an app that will do the calculations for you and link directly with your sales system.

Collaborating over email with your coworkers?

Things get lost in people’s inbox. If someone is sick, no one can take over their projects. Why not streamline your information so it’s all in one place and easy to access.

Spending hours building that quarterly report?

That is a waste of time! Doing repetitive number crunching is exactly why computers exist. Why not have that report generated with the click of a button so you can focus on your presentation or analyzing the results.

Spending hours combing review sites to find the right software?

Why not have experts in the software world analyze your business and recommend the right solution.

We can help


We listen and learn about your situation. We take time to understand what makes your company work and what challenges you face.


We analyze your situation and determine how we can help. We use systematic engineering techniques that are give results based on real facts and not a bunch of guess work.


Together we build a comprehensive plan of the project we’re going to undertake. After all, ‘if you don’t plan ahead you plan to fail’. We make sure you have a full plan in your hands before you commit to the project.


We build your solution and provide constant communication on the project status.


We don’t leave you high and dry. We’re here to support you as you use our solution and as your business changes.

What our clients say

Heron Instruments

Heron Instruments

Heron Instruments has worked with Blue Giraffe to develop improved versions of our datalogger management software. Blue Giraffe has routinely delivered ahead of schedule for each release and has expedited any bug fixes that were required after testing. Blue Giraffe worked with us right from the initial idea stage, through mock-ups, development, testing and ongoing support. We continue to work with Blue Giraffe due to the quality of their work and the professionalism of there team. If they say they are going to do something, they do it!

David Mackie - Research and Development


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