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Your business can run better with effective software

How do you know if your business is using the most effective software?

You shouldn't have to spend hours poring over review websites trying to make sense of it all.

Effective software that runs smoothly and works together saves time and money.

Successful companies have the right software and it keeps them ahead of the competition.

Success doesn't come by accident, it requires strategy and planning.

Adopt, transition and grow confidently because your business has a solid plan.

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At Blue Giraffe we know that businesses can run better when they have a good software strategy. For most businesses, creating and implementing that strategy is challenging. The software landscape is complicated and always changing. Every day, there are new and innovative ways to pass information which could be useful or a complete waste of time. We're here to help with that.

We analyze your business and create a software strategy based on real data. We create a plan and help you get up and running with proven software. We think long term by including a 5 year plan that grows with you. We check-in yearly to update your plan based on business and software landscape changes.

We've developed a system that ensures you have the best software strategy:

  1. Data Collection
    We collect information on what information systems you are currently using. We construct flow diagrams of how information flows through you business and what processes rely on it.
  2. Situation Analysis
    We analyze how your system works, where information flow is working and not working. We analyze thousands of software solutions that may fit your company and do cost-benefit analysis. We create a software strategy for your business and give you the data to back it up. Part of the strategy is a 5 year outlook. This ensures you continue to have the right solutions for the years ahead.
  3. Yearly Checkup
    Each year we come back and checkup to see how your business and the software landscape has changed. We re-adjust the software strategy to take into account those changes.