How can we help?

Strangely that can be a difficult question to answer. As software builders, we have special knowledge of how technology can be put together to help you. There are so many ways to put the building blocks together, it’s a bit like asking an architect what he can design for you.

We have knowledge in some of the most useful programming languages which allow us solve pretty much any problem there is. We use .NET (a Microsoft product) for most things because we can build quite a lot on a short period of time. For things that need to be installed cross platform or need to be high performance, we tend to use golang (a Google product). .NET can give decent performance, but we’ve found it to be much more difficult to reliably get high performance from it. When we have to make something on mobile, we tend to use React Native (a Facebook product) because it’s quick to build, simple to maintain and performs almost as well as native apps.

So that’s the sort of technology we use. With that we’re able to build all sorts of tools to help businesses be more efficient. We build mostly web and mobile applications simply because they tend to be the best for our customers.

Rather than installing some windows application and having to do updates and wait for patches, we use web applications. This is great for a couple reasons:

  1. We can deploy updates and patches waaay faster. Everyone get’s the update immediately, no coordinating with IT and departments to force people to update their machines.
  2. It’s a lot easier to build application logic in web languages. Building the same thing in something like windows forms would take at least twice as much time.
  3. We can centrally manage data for the application. This means your employees aren’t spending time trying to find the correct files in their documents. They open up the application and their data is already there for them.

For some businesses we create mobile applications. Usually these are for service based companies because their employees are on the go. Having a mobile app to enter information directly into your management or accounting software is a huge advantage! It’s easy for employees to use because everyone has a smart phone. And it’s easy for management because the data is piped directly into the management or accounting software their used to using. People often under estimate the value of a system like this, but anyone who has corrected timesheets every week will recognize it immediately.

So that’s a bit about what we can do. We really can’t be to specific without knowing what your business does. I’d highly recommend taking our quiz where we point out some of the areas we can help your business.

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